About Amanda Hart

Amanda Hart, a mum of 3, discovered she was very different to other children during her childhood through a deep relationship with her intuitive faculty. This helped her to survive a dire upbringing when taken from her mother by her father. She was invisible behind the veil of a middle-class family hiding a very dark secret.

Becoming an Intuitive Consultant has allowed her to empower others for over 27 years to overcome their limiting beliefs and thrive, through an innovative intuitive coaching approach, whilst igniting a global impact.

She helps their unique journey to align them to discover their power, purpose, and people.

Her memoir The Guys Upstairs, endorsed by noted experts, quite unexpectedly changed the course of her life, as well as others. The updated edition, Sue Me published in November 2023, is the catalyst behind her campaign for greater transparency and authenticity in an uncertain world.

Some may know her as one of the finalists on Britain’s Psychic Challenge on TV, a presenter on My Spirit Radio or columnist for Soul & Spirit Magazine. She has written a 3-book series for Orion Publishing and contributed to 4 other titles with other authors and speaks publicly about her personal story, to help others make sense of theirs.

Raising awareness to help those who are seeking a life of purpose and wellbeing through the various channels she works with, speaks volumes about the determined commitment she has to make this a better world to live in.

Through mentorship and support, Amanda’s work helps pave the way through all that inhibits people, to move on with greater independence, courage, and certainty to achieve all that their hearts desire.

Her message is clear – “Embracing vulnerability leads us to fear less and love more. Make magic moments happen. Grab life by the dreams!”