This is my first post everyone and I guess it was inevitable to start sharing updates with  you considering how my work is evolving in such a beautiful organic and divinely guided way.  It’s the very nature of what I teach and what I advocate and am humbled to have some amazing people who share my vision helping me.

For people that know me, they’ll know the dedication and determination I’ve had for many years to hold onto the vision of what I saw would one day unfold in the form of my purpose.  I believe we all have a purpose.  For those who don’t know me, I guess you’ll just have to find out what this is all about when my book’s released on November 30th this year.

“The Guys Upstairs, how I was shown my power and voice” my memoirs, shows the journey I took through life which opened up an incredible connection to a higher purpose to help others find their own power and voice.  This divine guidance has been my radar, my support and nourishment throughout my life, but most importantly, it’s my driving force to leave a legacy and make a difference in this world.

Many of you have been following my Kickstarter Project



which has funded my book publishing and pr campaign to bring my message to life.   In that process I’ve found a beautiful synergy with some amazing people throughout the world who are not only supporting the campaign but are equally opening up to their life mission.  We are now at a time when so many are achieving their higher purpose.  Are you honouring your heart and living your destiny?

Beautiful-Minds-PhotoIn February this year I set up the Beautiful Minds Inspire Others project to connect 100,000,000 people worldwide. When I was shown this, I thought it was too bonkers to be achievable at first, but The Guys Upstairs have never been wrong. So I followed my heart and saw the incredible way people were drawn to our page and it’s been building ever since.

With what I’ve been shown since February of this year and how everything has progressed so magically, in today’s climate, I believe this can now be achieved.  This is only the beginning as the page will evolve to something bigger to accomodate as digital media develops more so.  But in the meantime, if you want to take part in sending your focused intention to help make this a better world, then LIKE and SHARE your message of inspiration at Transform the world


To make a difference in this world every person counts.  We thank you for your support!