Amanda has an incredible gift, extremely perceptive and a finely honed sixth sense.


    Katy Sunnassee

    Editor, Top Sante Magazine

    “Amanda’s guidance created immediate changes in my life and a testament to her incredible work and her words continue to resonate with me today.”

    Samantha Martin

    Client Partner, Two Mad Cowboys, Australia

    Amanda rescued me from a very dark place with PTSD.

    I owe Amanda so much and am eternally grateful to her.

    Chrissie Herts


    “Amanda helped me to step into a future I thought could never possibly exist.”

    J Valentine


    “Amanda is purposeful, committed, creative, with a deep faith. She goes for it 100% and doesn’t hold back in getting her work out to all the people who can benefit.”

    Kat Byles

    Business & Creativity Consultant, Antigua

    “Amanda has transformed my outlook!” 


    Juliet Fisher

    Business Owner, Highwayman's Events Venue, UK.

    “Amanda is an extremely insightful and sensitive person, a gifted healer, and inspirational teacher!”

    Pet Angel

    Director, Boarding for Pets, UK

    “Amanda helped me to find my power that transformed my life which continues today.”



    Buckinghamshire, UK.

    “Amanda Hart is a genuine phenomenon.”

    Kizzi Nkwocha

    Publicist, Presenter & Publisher, France

    “The Guys Upstairs is a brave and beautifully written book.”

    Jason Figgis

    TV & Film Director/Producer, October Eleven Pictures, UK

    “The Guys Upstairs is moving, thought-provoking and gripping!”


    John West

    Film Producer, Radio Presenter, Writer & Actor., UK.

    “The Guys Upstairs is a page turner…truly inspirational and admirable.”

    Estella Arias

    Literary Agent, New Chapter Editions, Miami, USA

    The Guys Upstairs is un-put-downable…pacey and brilliantly written.”

    Adam Bishop

    CEO, Information TV, UK

    “The Guys Upstairs is a work ahead of its time.”

    Dr Arthur Cassidy

    Social Media & Celebrity Psychologist & Broadcaster, Ireland, Ireland