“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

From the age of 3, faith became my torchlight in the tunnel of my childhood. Somehow, regardless of how scary or uncertain life was, I started to form a friendship with faith (even though I had no idea what it was or where it came from at the time) and trusted in that relationship, as we walked hand in hand through the darkness together. Developing that 15-year relationship equipped me for later in life to reconnect when I needed it most.

For 21 years, I’ve helped people overcome adversity and to find their power and voice as an Intuitive Consultant. In my memoirs ‘The Guys Upstairs’ I share my journey of how I survived against incredible odds. My determination to exist in a world of utter terror began when I was taken from my mother at the age of 3 and handed over to my father. Thrust into a violent upbringing at the hands of my father’s new wife, and hidden behind closed doors in a middle-class family, I was sworn to secrecy. I learned survival techniques and enhanced my intuitive faculties with the help of my faith in angels (who I named ‘The Guys Upstairs’), to steer me through a childhood plagued by violence and cruelty. This abuse continued relentlessly throughout my life into adulthood.

During the 50 years of my life on this planet, I have been through more than most people could possibly go through in several lifetimes. However, out of this has come my mission and the work I do today to help others and act as a channel to translate how the energy world works, into a language we can all understand.
Faith has steered me through the darkest journeys which many believed I wouldn’t survive and I’m not only here to tell the tale, but to help others to navigate through their own challenges and hardships to a place of peace.

For many, faith is their religion, or is the knowing that ‘all is well’ in their world when chaos arises. Faith tests our trust in our belief in a higher source at play, guiding us safely on our journey through the puzzle of life. Faith hands us the pieces to help us see the bigger picture and to help us understand our path, when the lights are off and darkness surrounds us.

When I discovered faith as an adult it was a very different experience to the one I had as a child. Children are resilient, trusting and more focused on following their guidance system, so as an adult I had to learn to bypass the fears and insecurities that came as the package of being a grown up. Most of those lessons were trial and error to start with. I realised that when I trusted and drove through it anyway – trying to ignore the fearful thoughts and feelings – it no longer fed the fear and the miracle would eventually appear.

Each time I honoured that process my faith deepened, until finally I realised that my formula worked for every situation, not just the ‘little challenges.’

As humans, we tend to feel that the bigger the challenge, the more fear we feel; inevitably this can block our ability to push through and succeed. In the 47 out of my 50 years of life, I’ve recognised that this formula works regardless of the size of the challenge because fear is ultimately an illusion.

Illusion has no power, but our faith, has all the power in the Universe to see us through
I made many wrong choices along the way as I didn’t trust the friendship I’d nurtured as a child until finally I had nowhere left to turn. Sometimes, hitting rock bottom is an incredible release and finally, trust can kick in where it once eluded us.

For the past 20 years, I’ve worked with numerous clients, instilling this valuable tool to help others honour their own friendship with faith. It is what I call the primary door to our alignment which honours possibilities beyond our physical and logical connection.

When we open the door to faith, we open the door to riches beyond our comprehension
It is part of our birth right, higher self and is connected to consciousness which contains all solutions and opportunities. Faith is the link in the chain that binds us to consciousness and smooths our path through the dark storms. Faith is our constant and our best friend when we need it most. Nurturing that relationship strengthens and reinforces it until we have total trust in that process.

Sometimes we have to trust that faith is guiding us despite the fears we feel. I’ve always seen it like being guided into a dark tunnel. We have no idea where it leads to, how long we’ll be submerged in the darkness or what challenges we’ll face in there.

Our experience on this earth, despite our connection to our loved ones, often requires us to move into that tunnel where we feel isolation. Faith is our torchlight, helping us one step, one foot at a time, moving forward in total trust so that we will arrive at exactly the right destination that’s for our highest good.
For years, I’ve instilled this fundamental lesson in my clients, through my teaching and writing. To make changes in our world we need to start to build that right relationship with faith which is embedded in every cell of our being.

Firstly, however we need to feel worthy. Without worthiness – guilt, hatred, jealousy, greed and judgement will block any chance we have to recognise who we are deep down. Opening the first door of worthiness allows us to be visible to all our right opportunities to make necessary change and embrace our authentic selves. By letting go of all the lower level thoughts and feelings about ourselves and others, we move into a space that allows us to create the life that’s intended for us. This then opens the door to faith.

Faith directs which choices we make to take the right path and right action, regardless of how scary it feels. If we are working with awareness, connected to our higher self and honouring self-development, then faith will guide us to where we need to be. Opening the second door of faith honours our process, regardless of how it seems to be unfolding in our external world. With non-judgement and trust that your faith knows what’s best for you, you’ll arrive exactly where you need to be and when it’s for the highest good of all. This allows us to step out of the way and honour the journey our higher self has planned for us.

The action stage is the third part and that is physically honouring the journey. Opening the third door to the action stage gets us to address ‘what we need to do’ to take us nearer to our goals when prompted. Having formed a bond with faith to get to this point, we can now take the necessary steps to reach our ultimate goal.

Taking small, slow steps forward can lead to the most magnificent bond with faith and that trust can lead to life changes beyond our imagination. It will continue to serve us throughout the rest of our lives.
I value faith more than anything as I’ve applied it over and over to survive the most insurmountable of challenges. Recently I was diagnosed with ME (Myalgic encephalomyelitis) so I live day to day with an intolerance of my environment. This debilitating condition has changed my life drastically as I lost my business, our family home, all my assets and even had to rehome my dogs. It is a neurological condition with chronic and intense physical, mental and emotional challenges and numerous disabilities.

This is the 4th neurological disorder that I’ve been diagnosed with in 13 years, which all stemmed from contracting meningococcal septicaemia in 2003. Considering I wasn’t supposed to survive that, I’m doing pretty well. Despite these physical challenges, I have dug deep every time and drawn on my faith to find the solutions to overcome my situation.

Losing everything you have and fighting to stay in this world can lead to some pretty liberating experiences. I have my faith to thank for my survival yet again as digging deep, I finally recognised that writing was my childhood dream and finished the book I’d procrastinated over. That changed my world and despite the daily challenges, the constant worry of how I would pay the bills, the worsening of my condition, I valued my faith in what my instincts were telling me to honour.

‘The Guys Upstairs,’ was first released last year, and at a time when there was a change to ‘The Serious Crime Act’ in the UK. This act incorporated the ‘coercive control’ element which now considers the 95% of domestic violence issues that were unrecognizable through our judiciary before. It was an incredible synchronicity and because of the powerful message that’s relayed throughout the book, the key person, who helped implement this law change here in the UK, endorsed my book.

The media were hooked by the fact that my story resonated with so much of the news at that time (and still does today). People were reviewing it and relating to it in such a way that I knew it was no coincidence. It was right timing for this story to come out. It created a far bigger impact than even I imagined. Because I’d honoured this process at exactly the right time, I secured a literary agent who is now in the process of securing a new publishing deal for three of my books, together with offers for the film version ‘Angel’ which has been adapted to a screenplay from my story.

Through having faith, I’ve created an enriched life of amazing relationships that I could never have found before. I value every waking moment and make the most of the little things in life as I have no wish to rush through this enchanted bliss I find myself in now.

Every day is a challenge but the beauty, magic and unfolding miracles remind me that everything I’ve ever believed in has come about through my relationship with faith. I feel humbled that I have such a rewarding existence which enables me to help others on their journey too.

So, next time you teeter on the edge of doubt, ask yourself if going into that tunnel will lead you towards your best self. If yes, then take that step and trust. If it’s for your highest good, then you will never fail to find that torchlight shining brightly to illuminate your path ahead to untold possibilities, growth and change. What have you got to lose?

Article written for MeMeMe Online Magazine – http://www.mememe.online/friendship-faith-important/