About Amanda Hart

For nearly three decades, Amanda has dedicated herself to guiding clients in overcoming their limiting beliefs, negative programs, fears, and phobias.

Drawing upon her extensive experience in holistic healing, hypnotherapy, the silva method and the power of the subconscious mind, she has been fortunate enough to have trained with experts in the field such as Deborah Borgen, a world leading pioneer in consciousness training, psychologist and media spokesperson Dr Keith Hearne BSc MSc PhD and the leading expert, hypnotist, and behavioural scientist Paul McKenna PhD.

She offers a unique and innovative mentoring that harnesses the power we all have within us to heal. Continuously expanding her toolkit, Amanda now incorporates the latest advancements in hypnotherapy and NLP to provide clients with cutting-edge, solutions.

Amanda’s journey was shaped by her unique intuitive gifts, which developed as a child to help her navigate a traumatic upbringing marked by abandonment, abuse, and secrecy within her middle-class family. Predestined for a career as an interior designer, her drive to heal herself inevitably led her to find her true calling and passion, helping to heal others.

Her extraordinary story was first published in her memoir, The Guys Upstairs, which was endorsed by leading experts in coercive control and unexpectedly propelled her into a deeper mission to support a greater audience. Her recently expanded edition, Sue Me, has now become the driving force behind her advocacy for transparency and authenticity in an uncertain world.

Beyond her story, Amanda is recognised as a finalist on Britain’s Psychic Challenge on Channel 5, for hosting her own radio show on My Spirit Radio, and a columnist for Soul & Spirit Magazine. She has authored a trilogy for Orion Publishing and collaborated on four additional titles, leveraging her personal narrative to inspire a wider global community.

Now a regular feature writer for Los Angeles-based Best Holistic Life Magazine and collaborating with acclaimed writer director Simon Powell on a short film adaptation of her life story, Amanda continues to amplify her message of purpose and well-being through diverse platforms to help make this a better world to live in.

Through mentorship and advocacy, Amanda empowers individuals to transcend their obstacles with newfound independence, courage, and clarity, guiding them toward the fulfilment of their deepest desires.

Her mantra is simple yet profound: “Embracing vulnerability leads us to fear less and love more. Make magic moments happen and grab life by the dreams!”