One to One Empowerment & Transformation Sessions

This is the core of Amanda’s work where she embarks on a 6 week journey with her client to help them remove negative programs, beliefs or habits that are challenging or repeatedly blocking them from their dreams or desires.

This is a journey of powerful transformation that taps into the programs that are locked away in the subconscious and allows the client to see the route cause of the dis-ease in their life.

The majority of clients recognise the healing process as they witness changes after the first session, much like a champagne cork being released and the bubbles (or negative programs) coming to the surface. Clients see this as a positive shift as the transformation starts to unfold.

By the 3rd session the client has either gone through the transformation process or has all the tools necessary to have the ability to honour their process themselves when the time is right for their highest good.

After the sessions have completed, the client has clarity and more conviction, armed with the knowledge that they’ve found their own innate power (and often their purpose), which will serve them for the rest of their lives.

(Those who suffer with conditions such as depression may need further sessions).

“Discovering your power, purpose and voice will set you free.”

Three x 90 minute sessions
Bi-weekly over 6 weeks


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